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Meet the ELA Team

 Lynette Vargas, Elementary English Language Arts Coordinator

It is an honor to serve the East L.A. Community of Schools. My goal is to provide support to teachers, out of classroom personnel, parents, and administrators through high-quality professional development focusing on every individual school instructional need. By providing professional development, I will ensure my work extends itself to providing direct services to every school. I am excited to work with all stakeholders in conducting classroom observations, analyzing data, interpreting data, and using it to guide and make appropriate elementary ELA instructional decisions that meet students’ instructional and socio-emotional needs.





 Claudia Ramirez, Secondary English Language Arts Coordinator

Fostering literacy skills for all students is the core of my essential role and responsibility at East Los Angeles Community of Schools.  By personalizing and working collaboratively with general and special education teachers, administrators, and other staff, we work towards addressing the literacy challenges our students face to meet the demands of Common Core Standards. By building teacher capacity to deliver high quality standards-based secondary ELA instruction, we effectively and consistently work towards preparing our students to become lifelong, confident agents of social change, who will utilize their literacy skills and tools for success in a changing 21st century world.






Professional Development for Teachers/Administrators

Brief Narrative/Bullets

The English Language Arts instructional foci for 2019-2020 emphasized on the Common Core ELA Shifts, the ELA Instructional Core, and Remote Learning structures: Watch, Read, Do.  The following is a sampling of professional development held throughout the school-year. 

  • 3-Day English Language Arts Core Content Professional Development Series
  • After the Bell Sessions for teachers
  • Principal’s Professional Development
  • Watch, Read, Do using Dr. Key Ray’s Lesson Design
  • Integration Professional Development highlighting science and social studies
  • Highlighting blended learning lessons using Nearpod, Zoom, and Schoology

Parent Workshops

Brief Narrative/Bullets

Our PD’s focus is to empower parents with tools to assist their child with literacy. 

  • Academic Discourse- Constructive Conversations
  • Differentiating Types of questions to ask your child as they read


Contact Us

Lynette Vargas, Elementary ELA Coordinator/
Coordinadora de primaria de lenguaje de arte
[email protected]

Claudia Ramirez, Secondary ELA Coordinator/
Coordinadora de secundaria de language de arte
[email protected]

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