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Muti-Tiered Systems of Support

Meet the MTSS Advisor!


Leonor Miranda, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Advisor
Master of Arts in Education Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Arts Degree in Education Administration


I am the Multi-tiered Systems of Support Advisor and it is my pleasure to serve the East LA Community of Schools. My primary goal is to build internal capacity within the school building for staff to implement and sustain MTSS practices. I assist schools in developing strategic plans for intervention and growth for all students. Using performance data and monitoring learning rates teachers, administrators, and out of classroom personnel can make instructional decisions to meet the needs of students from different backgrounds, academic, learning styles, socio-emotional and behavioral needs. I strive for every school to build a positive school climate where students feel safe and accepted by all stakeholders. I build schools’ parent relationships by providing parent training that are current and relevant to the school community needs.


Professional Development for Teachers/Administrators

MTSS 2019-2020 emphasized on training school staff on data Cycle to improve instruction and work with staff in building a positive school climate. The following is a sampling of Professional Developments:

  • Data Team Facilitators Webinars and In Person Trainings. (Oct - Mar)

  • Discipline Designee/Dean Meeting (Sep & Feb)

  • Trauma Informed

  • Restorative Justice Practices

  • Social Emotional Learning